Newest Technology

Cape Vista Dental has some super cool technology that we’re excited to share with you.

In this modern day and age, we get to use a lot of amazing stuff, from high-tech cameras to lasers. Yes, you read that right, and no, you didn’t just stumble into a spy novel. We use dental lasers for quite a few treatments and procedures.

Not only does this tech help us do our jobs better than ever before, but it also allows you to have more comfortable and effective dental visits.

CEREC | CEREC is a dental mill that we have right here in our office. With it, we can create custom-crafted crowns, bridges, veneers, and much more. Not only that, but we’ll have them ready for you that same day! No second appointments, and no waiting around for shipments from a lab. Just you with a more beautiful smile on the day you come in!

CAD/CAM Software | CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. CAM is Computer Aided Manufacturing. This software allows us to design and create everything that we send to the CEREC mill with both ease and precision.

Oral Cancer Screenings | With diseases like cancer, the earlier we can detect any sign of it, the better it can be treated. When we do an oral cancer screening, we’re looking for any possible sign of a potential problem, so we can get it dealt with ASAP.

Air Abrasion Technology | Air Abrasion Technology works a little bit like a power washer. It removes decay and unwanted material from your teeth using a pressurized air stream instead of traditional metal tools.

Anesthesia Wand | Anesthesia wands deliver your dosage of anesthesia with computer guidance. This allows us to be more precise with the injection location and to control the dosage more effectively. Patients all over the world love the wand for its advanced anesthetic experience.

Cone Beam CT Imaging | CT scans are pretty amazing. They work a bit like x-rays but with a major difference that makes them extremely useful: CT scans can see soft tissue and hard tissue at the same time. On top of that, the cone-shaped beam allows us to get an accurate 3D image, not just a flat photo.

Here in our office, we’ve recently acquired a Vatech unit. We’re thrilled to offer this to you because it’s one of the latest, greenest, and least invasive CT scanners available in the industry right now. This machine gets the highly accurate images we need to get you in and out of the chair quickly!

Digital Dental Impressions | With digital impressions, you’ll never have to sit with your mouth full of a gag-inducing mold again. We can measure your teeth with a scanner that takes incredibly precise notations of everything, from which we can build a completely accurate digital model of your mouth. These models help us with everything from creating crowns to designing your Invisalign aligners.

Digital X-rays | X-rays have been around for decades, and they continue to be useful today. Digitizing them comes with quite a few benefits over traditional film. There is less material usage, less time needed in the dental chair, less radiation required by the scanners, and less storage space needed for the resulting images.

Intraoral Cameras | Anything in your mouth that a dentist can see with their eyes, an intraoral camera can see closer and in higher definition. In addition, it can reach into small spaces or around edges that a dentist would be hard-pressed to get a clear look at from the outside.

We can use these cameras to check for problems, diagnose them, and then check our work after treatment, to ensure that you’ve received the quality care you deserve.

Laser Diagnosis and Treatment | Using lasers in dental treatment has been revolutionary! They allow us to be more precise than ever before and cause a lot less irritation to any surrounding tissues. This improves both healing time and the effectiveness of the treatment.

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