Family Dentistry

From regular checkups to restoration treatments, Cape Vista Dental keeps your family in mind with everything we do. We aim to give your kids healthy teeth and you peace of mind.

For anyone, whether child, teen, or adult, we really do go the extra mile to make sure that your dental experience is not just a treatment but a comfortable experience that you’d gladly repeat. If that means calling on Iron Man to fill in at the office for a day, then so be it.

We serve people from all over, including the Deltona, DeBary, Fort Florida, DeLand, Lake Helen, and Cassadega areas.


The office environment makes a huge difference in a patient’s dental experience. That’s why we have large windows, spacious corridors, and plenty of light everywhere.

That’s not where our luxuries end. We also provide pillows, TVs within easy view of the chair, and noise-cancelling headphones to those who want them. Out in our large and welcoming lobby, we have a table set up with board games and snacks.

We want you to be able to make yourself at home here at Cape Vista.

Prevention Is the Name of the Game

The number one way to deal with diseases and dental problems is to head them off before they can get a foothold. This is especially important in young children, while their teeth are still developing. Taking action now can prevent any number of dental difficulties later on.

That’s why we recommend regular checkups and cleanings every six months. With our professional eye on the situation, we’re able to spot the early warning signs of dental problems and act accordingly.

This advice doesn’t just apply to cavities and gum disease either. Other more severe health issues can also be treated much more effectively when discovered as early as possible. This includes diseases like oral cancer.

Dentistry for Kids

Question: How important is it for me to worry about my kid’s dentistry?

Answer: Very!

There is a common misconception out there that because children’s teeth aren’t permanent, they don’t need the same degree of care. This is false on so many levels.

For one thing, your kids will have those baby teeth for as many as twelve years. That’s a pretty long time to have to deal with the pain of cavities or problematic misalignment.

The second reason is that the development and health of the baby teeth directly affect the growth and health of the adult teeth that will eventually replace them.

Issues such as alignment, severe infection, or overcrowding can have negative consequences for the adult teeth that come in later. These issues will be harder to fix once those permanent teeth are set, and the mouth is no longer growing. Keeping an eye on the baby teeth is also keeping an eye out for the adult ones.

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