About Our Office

Who are we Really!

Why did you want to become a dentist?

How Her Two Sons would become Dentists Dr. Andrew and Brian Yoon, knew they would be dentists at an early age. At age 7 years, Andrew lost a tooth and subsequently put the tooth under his pillow. The next morning, the tooth fairy (Dr. Florence Yoon) brought him a $2.00 dollar gift. Brian and Andrew realized the opportunity of making money from putting teeth under their pillows. They then attempted to extract each others teeth, to their dismay this wasn’t possible. They then thought of a brilliant plan by taking a piece of Peach, which they carved with a knife to resemble a front tooth. They placed it under their pillow hoping for the best. The very next morning, they arose and found $20.00 dollars! From that moment on they Stumbled upon their calling.

What do you Really believe in?

All Kidding Aside, We have been truly blessed with what God has given us. He has provided us with the ability to heal the sick in numerous ways. We found our calling owing to our Savior Jesus Christ. He has taught us that with our talents, we could do more than just be Christian dentists. We could serve others just as he did for us. It is with this attitude and gratefulness that our patients love and continue to seek us.

What is the difference between one dentist and another?

We have a common saying around here. “Dental work isn’t like an iphone or a TV”. Those items you can get in any store and you’ll get the same product. One place might be more expensive, the other place might be less. Dentistry isn’t this way at all! Dentists differ in their QUALITY OF WORK, abilities, technology, and most importantly compassion. Yes you could go down the street and get a “cheaper crown” or “less expensive implant.” The Real Question is, “Do I want cheap dentistry?” A crown isn’t the same anywhere you go. A denture isn’t the same thing you can get anywhere. Dentistry isn’t a store! Dentistry is a practice. Choose not a “good” practice, choose a “great” practice. We accept most dental insurance, which means the cost is the same regardless of which dentist you go to. So now the question is, “Which dentist is the best?” 8)

Will it hurt?

I have severe anxiety Our second saying around here is this, “You might still be afraid of dentists, but you won’t be afraid of Dr. Yoon”. Really it comes down to how much we care, we don’t want to have a bad reputation as the “Dentist that scared me”! So, let’s be real… we don’t want you to leave the office just having dental work done. We want you to leave telling everyone how much you loved us!

What types of dentistry of you perform?

Funny thing, we couldn’t decide which specialty we wanted to practice. So we just decided to do a little of them all! Being IVY league trained afforded us with the techniques and knowledge that is world renown. Training that is usually reserved for New York or L.A. We have the inspiration for excellent dentistry, the techniques to make it easier, and the payment options to make it affordable. Meet us, you’ll love the whole family.

Just what exactly is Cape Vista?

Yes, dentistry can be frightening (if you’re in the wrong office). Cape Vista is like a city on the ocean. We designed our office like a vacation. What is more relaxing and calming than a beach vacation? Why not make the dental experience the same to soothe patient’s nerves? Genius? I think so!

I am still unsure?!

Let’s do this, if you still aren’t convinced of how much we can help you, get to know our culture. “Always under promise and over deliver”! Seriously though, come in for a free consultation. If you don’t think these dentists in Orange City, FL are for you, you’re more than welcome to go elsewhere at no charge! If you decide to stay, then we’ll charge the exam/visit as one cost. If you are a new patient you can enjoy as many visits as you want for one year!