The 5 STAR EXPERIENCE? Not Enough for Us!

When I graduated dental school, I always thought that I would be this great hero saving the day. After graduating, I found out that this was not the case! People don’t like going to the dentist! I started my practice in Orange City, Florida and I thought that people would just love going to meet the friendly dentist. Realistically, people love dentists outside of work but not in the chair. It’s like meeting a fireman and hoping you never get to see him at your house on the job!

There has to be a better way. The list is endless why people don’t like coming and making dentist visits. They don’t understand their dental insurance, they hate the terrible tooth pain, and the list goes on. So when we started our dental office we asked some of our patients from Deltona where most of our population comes from, “How can we make this better?” They couldn’t think of an answer either!

It has become our spiritual journey, to create not a 5 star experience. We want to create 7 and 10 star dental experiences! So the question is, “What would a 7 star and 10 star dental experience be like?” It starts on the phone and ends not at the end of the dentist visit, but with a follow up call or text at home. We warmly greet anyone and everyone like we’ve known them for years. Then when they come meet us, we treat them as such! We make eye contact, we listen before we talk. We smile and laugh, we play music to keep the good vibes. We connect with our dental patients, we make sure we remember every little detail. We provide pillows, blankets, and headphones. It’s the scent in the office, we don’t want this to be like a typical dental office. Cape Vista Dental should be more like a vacation to take your mind off of any dental anxiety. The name itself is derived from vacations in Cape Cod. We make that type of special magic happen everyday so we can deliver that 7 and 10 star experience. We look forward to serving others every day here at Cape Vista Dental.